For teachers:
  • Teachers can apply for an Educator Account at .
  • You should get an email almost immediately alerting you to the fact that you have been given an Educator Account. (If your email doesn't appear, check your spam or junk email folder.)
  • This lets you make videos that run for several minutes (rather than the 30 seconds you would get otherwise.)
  • The other bonus is that you are emailed a code which up to 50 students can use; so they are able to make full-length animotos as well.

For students:
  • Students can get a code from Judith Way in the library.
  • This will enable you to make videos up to 5 minutes in length
  • You can record a voice over to accompany your video if you want to.

How to make an animoto using video:
  • You can take video using an iPhone, iPod touch or iPad and email it to yourself and download to your computer or you can use a videocamera and transfer via cable.
  • Once you have your video footage on your computer log into animoto.
  • Click on create video (see below)

This screencast shows you how to make an animoto using pictures:
Unable to display content. Adobe Flash is required.

and this is the animoto I made during the screencast:

It is only a basic effort done to show how easy it is to create an animoto. You are welcome to spend some time on your creation, adding titles, spotlighting photos and getting the music just right.

Select a style by clicking on the selection you'd like...


Check to see if your selection is included in your type of account and click on create...


Click on choose music. (Even if you have dialogue on your video, the music levels will automatically adjust so that you can hear the dialogue.)
Select the sing you want or upload your own (be aware that you must have the right to use the music publicly. So songs from your iTunes account are not a good idea, but if you have created your own music via GarageBand, etc, then that's fine.) All music already in animoto is fine to use.


Click on a genre and click on a song to listen to it. When you're happy with your selection, click add song


Click on add pictures/video


Choose where your videos/photos will come from. In this case, we are selecting 'upload pictures and video'. (Again, if you select photos/video other people have taken, you must have permission to use them. Any items in the animoto library are fine to use.)


Choose which item you'd like to import. Import then begins automatically.


To add a title, etc. click on 'advanced settings'


Add your title, etc and click 'save'


Add text if you want to and click 'save'.


Click on produce video


Wait a few minutes while the video is rendered. You will also receive an email notifying you when you video has been produced.


You can save your video to your computer...

You can share your video via email, Twitter, Facebook, etc. This would be good with a personal video.


Or you can embed your video into a blog or webpage


Copy the embed code and put it into the html section of a blog or website