Differentiated learning for all students (includes information on using project-based learning for differentiation)

Integrating Bloom's with Gardner's Multiple Intelligences and webtools for differentiated student centred learning activities

Sir Ken Robinson: Creativity, learning and the curriculum

Bloom's digital taxonomy
Bloom's digital taxonomy factsheets
Howard Gardner and the theory of Multiple Intelligences

Sir Ken Robinson on Multiple Intelligences

Gardner's Multiple Intelligences
Theory of Multiple Intelligences
Multiple Intelligences descriptions
Multiple Intelligences grid
Multiple Intelligences test for young people
Personalised learning

Strategies for differentiating instruction

10 steps to encourage student voice and choice
Six strategies for differentiated instruction in project based learning
10 ways to differentiate learning
Breaking down differentiated instruction
Differentiated learning and web 2.0 technologies
Differentiating using 21st century tools
Digital differentiation
Empower students to take ownership of learning
Ensuring critical thinking in project based learning
Multifaceted differentiation

Assessing differentiated learning
Assessing Bloom's digital taxonomy
Assessment for differentiated learning
From differentiated instruction to differentiated assessment
Make your own assessment rubric - template